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Do you know how much equity you’ve built in your Jackson home?

Did you buy your Jackson Hole property 3 or 4 years ago?  

Are you curious to learn if you could move up in the Jackson market?  

Have you ever said? “I would absolutely consider selling if only there was something I else I could buy” 

Many Jackson homeowners have built a good amount of equity in their home over the past several years. For example, the market value of a Creekside 3 bedroom townhome has gone up… That’s great news for local owners. However, with available inventory at an all-time low, local homeowners are experiencing a particularly competitive real estate market as they look to move up in the local market.

I’ve assisted several local families sell their current townhome/house and simultaneously successfully purchase a new home. It can sometimes be a complicated and competitive process, but one that I take great pride in. I’d love to hear more about your situation. Let’s talk.

Here’s how I can help:

Set up a meeting to “crunch” numbers.

Let’s review market comparable sales and determine how much equity you’ve built in your home. This will then help you understand how much you have to put towards a new/larger home (or a smaller home if you are looking to downsize). We can connect with a banker (I have several recommendations) to calculate what a new mortgage payment would look like at various price points. Knowledge is power! Discover your options today.

Help you prepare your home for sale.

What types of projects do you want to complete before you’d be ready to sell? Are there any major repairs or maintenance items that need attention? Garage sale season is right around the corner – what could you get rid of to de-clutter your home? Focusing on prepping your house for sale now gives you the ability to be ready when you find your next home and need to move quickly.

Utilize our JHREA exclusive “Local’s Match-Making Board”

Faced with low inventory and a competitive market, Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates is thinking outside the box and created a local match-making map in order to pair buyers with other sellers that are also looking to upsize or downsize.

There are many other people out there just like you! These owners would sell their Cottonwood home, Rafter J home, etc. IF they could find something else to buy.

Our unique match-making board attempts to track some of this “shadow” inventory and allows us to get creative in a tight market. Perhaps we could find you a perfect match with a property that is not currently on the open market…

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I recently helped Arnold and his family move from a townhome in Cottonwood Park to a house in Rafter J.
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