Katie’s Remodel: Finishing the Bathroom

Finishing the Second Bathroom (finally!)

The remodel of the second bathroom took longer to compete, probably because we already had a working shower/tub/etc. in the first bathroom, which we remodeled before we moved in. Once we did complete the second bathroom, we had difficultly finding a longer shower curtain (most only span 72″ in turns out!). IMG_1875      IMG_0252

We are very happy with how the tile turned out in this bathroom – thanks again to our friend Tommy! Since we liked it so much, we ended up using the same type of tile we used in the first bathroom, but chose a different size and pattern for the shower (9″ x 12″ tiles in a brick pattern). We painted the walls a dark brown color, which matches some of the accent tiles. The blue towels also match the accent tile and help to brighten it up. (Note: Chris still has to finish the trim.)

In April Chris shrunk the size of the hallway closet in order to provide more room in the shower, which allowed us to construct a little bench at the foot of the tub (see the above post).

IMG_0109     IMG_0250

Selecting a vanity turned out to be more difficult than we imagined, given that we needed it to be 5 feet long. Turns out there are very few vanities in that length and most of them have 2 sinks (while we only wanted one). We found one we liked online at HomeDepot.com and had it delivered to the house. We really like it and enjoy the many drawers (you can never have too many!).

IMG_1871    IMG_0257


Working on the Landscaping (there currently isn’t any!) and re-building the back Deck (it’s falling apart!)

Installing new windows and doors throughout the townhome

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