Katie’s Remodel – Week 5 & 6: Wood Floors and Shower Tile

Week Five and Six: Installing the bamboo wood floors and tiling the bathroom shower

For the past few weeks, Chris has been focused on installing our new bamboo wood floors. We are putting hardwood floors in the entire house with the exception of the bathrooms, entryways and laundry room. We got a great deal on the flooring at Lumber Liquidators in Salt Lake City last fall. Chris learned how to start from the middle of the house and work out (who knew?). We borrowed a huge nail gun from our friend Jon Hunt and Chris went to work! We are so happy with how it looks – even better than we were expecting. Piper doesn’t know what to think – the nail gun and compressor noise scares her (poor pup!) and she is still getting used to having much less traction on the slippery wood floors compared to the old carpet at our current place.

0203151754     0210151245a


Chris ripped up the ugly linoleum in the kitchen – I think the wood looks MUCH better and like how it looks against our new cabinets – what do you think? We also installed a new kitchen sink!

0107151450a   0218151858a


Our friend Tommy Price continues to work hard on tiling the shower in Bathroom #1. Lesson learned: the small tile we selected for the shower, while it looks really cool, is very tedious to install. Further, our desire to install it at a 45 degree angle (as opposed to 90 degrees or a “brick” design), also extended the installation time. Tommy is doing awesome work, but recommended maybe doing larger tiles (12″ x 9″) in the second bathroom. We can get the larger tile in the same color/design as Bathroom #1, and could pick out a different accent border to mix it up a bit.

IMG_2057   IMG_2065

We also scored a used refrigerator from JB Mechanical! It was purchased by a woman, but was never used as it turned out to be the wrong size. It’s perfect for us. I can’t wait to not have to bend over to reach the produce in the fridge (why aren’t all refrigerators designed like this?!). Chris is going to build a wine rack in between the fridge and the cabinets. Eventually we will get all new black appliances but for now, we have a nice white stove given to us by a friend.




1. Selecting the granite for the kitchen: Below are some of our choices – we are leaning towards the one on in the upper right. It’s called Sage Green which we think will go nicely with the cabinets. It also has a hint of black which should go well with the black appliances.


2. Finishing the bathroom: As soon as the shower is done, we are can install the toilet and vanity. Still need a bathroom mirror, towel rack and shower curtain.

3. Finishing the flooring and installing new baseboards.

3. Move in! Our move in day is quickly approaching. Thankfully we have a large 2 car garage where we can store many of our things as we get organized in our new place.

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