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Katie partners with new real estate company

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I’m excited to announce my partnering with a new real estate company! 

As some of you may know, RE/MAX Obsidian Real Estate, where I worked for most of my Jackson Hole real estate career, was recently acquired by another real estate company. That acquisition encouraged me to look into other real estate companies to determine which would be the right fit for me going forward.
After much research and many interviews, I have determined that Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates is the best combination of a solid national brand AND a great local reputation. I am excited to be working with a very collaborative and creative office.

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Please stop by and see my at my new office location:
80 W Broadway Ave – downtown Jackson across from The Wort. 
I can be reached at the same email/phone:
Mobile: 307.699.4137
Email: katiecolbertbrady@gmail.com