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Real Estate Market Analysis: Cottonwood Park in Jackson Hole, WY

In order to understand what is happening in the Jackson Hole real estate market, it’s helpful to analyze a particular market and see what the numbers tell us. Every month, I like to focus on a different neighborhood in the Teton County area. What are homes selling for in this neighborhood? How quickly are they selling? What were they selling for a year ago? How have values changed? What are the current opportunities in the neighborhood?

In the past 6 months (Jan 2013 – June 2013), there have been 5 single family home sales in Cottonwood Park. These homes have sold on average for $321/square foot. Many argue that we are in an increasing market; here’s why. If we focus on the previous 6 months (July 2012-Dec 2012), the 8 home sales in Cottonwood Park sold for an average price of $294/square foot.  Looking back even 6 months prior (Jan 2012 – June 2012), there were 6 single family home sales in Cottonwood Park, selling for only $236/square foot on average. See Chart below.


Current Opportunities: There are currently 3 single family homes for sale in Cottonwood Park priced between $530,000-$579,000. On average these listings are priced at $390/square foot, 22% higher than the SOLD price per square foot of the last 6 months and 65% higher than the SOLD price per square foot 18 months ago.


Sellers obviously feel very confident about the market’s direction and are pricing their properties strongly. What will be interesting to watch is whether buyers are willing to follow the market up at this accelerated pace and pay these higher prices. Remember a property is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it, not it’s listing price.

If you are interested in following a particular market or neighborhood, please contact me. I’m happy to set you up for automatic email updates which will keep you on top of the changing real estate market in your neighborhood (or desired neighborhood).

If you are thinking about selling, this may be a great opportunity to capitalize on the low inventory levels and high demand. Please contact me for a market analysis and pricing opinion on your property.