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Wilson Remodel: New Drywall & Building our New Kitchen

For those interested in following our remodel in Wilson WY, check out our progress on new drywall and building out the new kitchen below. Please visit our Remodel Page for step by step progress along with “before” photos. 


New Drywall & Building the New Kitchen

While it was a big decision to swap the existing kitchen and living room, we are confident we will be happy about it in the end as we will have a much larger kitchen and more room for a dining room table (for dinner parties!). After ripping apart the existing walls and ceilings to install all the new electrical and plumbing, we decided to hire the professionals to come in and put up the new drywall (and patch the holes we made!). While Chris has done most of the remodel work so far, this was money well spent. The drywallers did such a good (and speedy) job putting up the new drywall. Chris was able to then do the painting. Bye-bye green wood paneling in the entry way…..




IMG_0790 - Copy

After the drywall and paint, Chris went to work installing the kitchen cabinets. We decided to go with IKEA cabinets again (similar to what we used in our townhome remodel). We thought about going the custom cabinet route with either Home Depot or Lowe’s, but the cabinet package would have been twice as expensive. Not worth it (in our opinion), given that we liked the way things turned out at the townhome. We put the money we saved on the cabinets towards the counter tops. After a trip to Salt Lake City and Idaho Falls (the joys of doing a remodel in a small town), we selected a unique granite piece from a yard in Pocatello (about 2+ hours from Jackson) for the large center kitchen island. We then found a sage green quartz for the periphery counter tops which complimented the light green coloring in the granite. Check out those purple garnet pieces in the island! 






UP NEXT: Selecting and installing kitchen back splash, trimming out the kitchen, selecting new matching appliances, and possibly a new kitchen window (large single pane).