Inventory Level Breakdown by Price: Past sales, Pending sales & Current inventory in Jackson’s Real Estate Market

As we analyze past sales data for 2013, note the current pending sales and take inventory of the available properties for sale in the Jackson Hole Real Estate Market, a few trends become clear. A much higher percentage of entry level properties (under $500,000) have sold in 2013 (39% of all sales) than are available now (12% of all available inventory). Properties for sale over $1 million dominate the current inventory (58%), although they only accounted for 22% of all sales in 2013. Current pending sales suggest a trend of more high end property sales in Teton County, as 31% of all pending sales are for over $1 million.

% of All Properties




Over $1 million




Under $1 million




Under $500,000




Sold in 2013: For this analysis I looked at all residential property sales (excluding land & fractional sales) in Teton County since Jan 1, 2013. Of the nearly 250 sales this year, roughly 1/4 of them have been over $1 million, while 3/4 have been under $1 million. Sales under $500,000 have represented 40% of all sales thus far this year.

Pending Sales: As of this report, there are a total of 94 properties currently under contract in Teton County (excluding land and fractional sales). Just over 30% of them are listed for over $1 million, while 69% are listed for under $1 million, meaning a larger percentage of high end properties are under contract compared to actual sales. We should therefore expect sales volume and average sales price to increase in the months ahead when these higher end properties close. Note that 36% of the properties under contract are listed for under $500,000, a slightly lower representation than actual closed sales, where this segment accounted for 40% of all past sales.

Available Properties: There are currently 313 properties for sale in Teton County (again excluding land and fractional properties), more than this year’s sales so far, however the breakdown by price is in sharp contrast to both the properties that have sold so far this year AND the properties currently under contract. You’ll notice that almost 60% of all properties currently on the market are listed for over $1 million. This is quite different than actual sales, where this price bracket accounted for only 26% of all sales in 2013. Even more drastic is the Under $500,000 segment, which made up 40% of all sales so far this year, but currently only represents 12% of all available properties with 37 active listings.


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