Jackson Hole Compass provides in-depth look at Jackson Community

JH Compass 2013 Cover

The 2013 edition of the Jackson Hole Compass publication was recently released in Jackson Hole, WY. This magazine, described as “a comprehensive overview of and reference to our community” takes an in-depth look at Jackson’s economy, demographics, politics, tourism, philanthropy, trends, recreation and most important to this blog, Housing. Below are some interesting statistics (based on the 2010 census) on Jackson Hole’s housing market.

  • 70% of Teton County’s 12,813 homes are occupied by year-round residents (a very high proportion for a resort town)
  • In the past 10 years, 40% of the new homes were constructed in the Town of Jackson.
  • In the past 10 years, Teton Village saw the highest growth in new homes, thanks to the Shooting Star development.
  • The Moose-Wilson Village Rd (Hwy 390) area houses the County’s largest share of second homes and short-term rental property.

Even though there hasn’t been much new home construction in the past few years, the real estate market has picked up sharply since the low point of 2009. Real estate sales have increased every year since, with 2013 on track to outpace them all as low inventory levels are driving higher sales prices.

Here are some other quick interesting facts about Teton County, Wyoming from The Compass:

  •  Since 1990 Teton County has ranked among the top five counties in the nation in per-capita income.
  • Teton County has roughly 1.25 jobs for every permanent resident (with much help from the tourism industry)
  • Yellowstone National Park sees nearly 3.5 million visitors per year; Grand Teton National Parks sees around 2.6 million per year.
  • Teton County’s median age is 37, slightly younger than the nation as a whole. The largest age group is 25-29.
  • There are over 200 non-profits in Teton County.

Read the entire 2013 digital edition of The Compass HERE.

What strikes you as the most interesting trend in Jackson Hole?