Katie’s Remodel – Granite Counters & Starting the 2nd Bathroom

We have now been living in our new townhome for a month! We love it. Rafter J is a great neighborhood with beautiful mountain views, gorgeous sunsets and sunrises from our back deck and, to our surpirse (and Piper’s delight) several walking/running trails along Flat Creek only steps from our front door. We couldn’t be happier!

 IMG_2090    IMG_2111

The biggest addition (literally and figuratively) to the townhome this past month was the installation of the granite kitchen counter tops. John from Teton Granite (whom we HIGHLY recommend!) templated the counters and 3 days later showed up with a huge piece of granite.

IMG_2104    IMG_2106

Along with two of John’s partners and our good friend, Brian Stepek, the six of us slowly moved the granite counter top into the house. The large piece weighed more than 600 pounds! They ended up driving the truck around back to minimize the carrying distance.

The granite looks amazing! We are so happy with our selection of color (green with black/brown specs) and our decision (Chris’ idea) to have a curve shape facing the living room.



IMG_0038    IMG_0036

Near the beginning of April, Chris started work on the large bathroom. Similar to the other, smaller bathroom our plan is to rip everything out and start over. In addition to new tub, tile floors, tile shower, new vanity, new paint and new toilet, we also decided to enlarge the bathroom slightly be shrinking the over-sized hall closet. This required Chris to tear out the drywall, move the plumbing back and rebuild the wall (he’s pretty handy!).

IMG_2112     IMG_0110

As a result of shrinking the closet, we are able to have a bench at the foot of the tub, which will be tiled along with the rest of the shower.  Our goal is to have the bathroom finished in time for our parents’ visits in early May.

 IMG_0109      IMG_2114

More photos once the bathroom project is complete!

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