Katie’s Remodel – Week 7 & 8: Move in Day and Finishing Touches

Week Seven & Eight: Finishing the flooring and bathroom and MOVING DAY!!

We are living at our new place!! We love it! So thankful to have a garage. I did quite a bit of purging for the move – lots a great spring garage sales items.

Chris continued to work hard leading up to moving day. He finished up the wood flooring in the back bedroom a few days after we moved in. We installed a thick bamboo floor that supposedly has a 100 year warranty. We really like how it looks; it goes well with the cabinets too.

      IMG_2076    0220151810

0220151748b IMG_2071

The small bathroom and shower is complete! We put in everything new – new shower (with higher shower head), new tub, new tile flooring, new vanity, new toilet and new paint. Here’s another look at the “before” photos. Chris also installed a new bathroom fan and removed the baseboard heater and installed a small wall heater. Great work! If we had to do it over again, we would have used larger tile in the shower – the small tiles took forever – but they do look pretty cool!

002        IMG_1877

003            IMG_1892

We ordered new custom wood blinds for the windows. The house came with some very old and dirty vertical blinds (we threw them out on day one!). We plan to replace the windows (original from 1980) but needed some new blinds in the meantime. (We ordered them from selectblinds.com and found them to be nice and very reasonable.)

IMG_2095    IMG_2094


Granite Counter Installation (right now we have plywood counter tops!)

Insulating the Crawl Space (fun!)

Starting on the big bathroom (but not until April – Chris is going skiing!)


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