Katie’s Remodel – Week 3 & 4: Tile, Tubs and more Painting

Week Three & Four: Tiling the entryways, installing the bathtub, a new water heater and more painting!

In the last few weeks, Chris has been hard at work down at the townhome.

In the kitchen, he did some drywall patching near the ceiling (from where we ripped out the wall), and rebuilt/adjusted the bar/center counter.

IMG_1990  IMG_1989

We removed the step up counter and are going to get one big piece of granite. Below are some of our color choices. We are leaning towards some sort of subtle color: blue, green, etc. What do you think? It’s hard to know if you’ll like it from one small 3″ x 3″ sample at the store!

IMG_1994   IMG_1993

We finished painting the living room and now everything has been painted except the bathrooms, which we’ll do once we pick out tiling, vanities and fixtures. The living room is a light brown / beige color. We painted the window and trim an eggshell white and also painted the ceiling a bright white – it was dirty!


Chris wrestled the new tub into the bathroom and installed the new plumbing for the shower. We moved the shower head up higher on the well. Our plan is to tile up to the ceiling (next week). We have bronze/copper colored fixtures for the shower and vanity.

IMG_1976   IMG_1977

We had our friend Tommy Price help with the tiling, since Chris had never done it before. He did a great job! We tiled the entryway, laundry room and small area by the back door. We picked tile that had a little bit of brown in it, which should look nice next to the bamboo wood flooring.

IMG_1979      imagejpeg_1

We plan to replace all of the appliances, but the water heater was the top priority as it had been corroding for a while. Not too exciting, but definitely a necessity!

IMG_1911       IMG_1991

Up next is installing the wood flooring and putting the small bathroom back together!

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