Katie’s Remodel Week Two: Removing the “Wall” and Installing Cabinets

Week Two: Removing the “Wall” between the kitchen and entryway and Installing the Kitchen Cabinets

Both the SE40 and NE40 townhomes in Rafter J were constructed with a galley style kitchen with a wall on both ends of the counter. In speaking with many other townhome owners, we learned that everyone that did a remodel, also removed the “wall”. In many of the remodeled units we looked at, removing the wall really opened up the entry way and the kitchen. It makes you wonder why the built it in in the first place! Here are some of the “before” photos of the wall taken from the entry way:

IMG_1866      IMG_1865

If you ask Chris I would think demolishing the “wall” has been his favorite part. I envisioned taking a sledge hammer to the drywall, but it appears Chris handled it in a much more professional manner.

IMG_1907    IMG_1897

After shoring up the bar wall to the height we want for the counter, Chris went to work on moving the electrical (dangling wires in the photos) to the wall closest to the entrance – he’s pretty handy! He also installed new energy efficient canned lighting fixtures in the ceiling.

IMG_1896     IMG_1918

After the wall was removed and the wires re-routed, Chris went to work on installing our new kitchen cabinets. We purchased them from IKEA, which means they arrived in flat boxes – assembly required. Chris said it they were easy to put together; it just took time. I think they look great; we are really happy with our selection of color and style.

IMG_1915    IMG_1973

For those that haven’t met Piper, she is our cute little Basenji mix pup. Chris takes her to the job site many days (unless it’s a big painting day). Below she is checking out the neighboring horses and enjoying her first bowl of crunchies at the new place – I think she is excited for our new house too!

IMG_1891     IMG_1890


Up next: More painting (living room and trim) and tiling the entryway

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