Katie’s Remodel: Week One – Demolition and Painting

Week One: Demolition & Painting

As soon as we were able to get into the condo, Chris began tearing out the old brown carpet and baseboards that were throughout the home. He also chiseled out all the old linoleum, which was quite the laborious task!

0106151849   0106151850

Kitchen Demo: Chris dismantled the entire kitchen pretty quickly. We have new cabinets from IKEA, and hope to purchase new appliances in the next few weeks (although the original ones do still work – the fridge is keeping Chris’s afterwork beers cold!). Our plan is to knock down the wall on the right, which will really open up the entryway and then install a large granite counter top in between the kitchen and the living room.

IMG_1870    IMG_1887

Bathroom #1: Our plan is to fully remodel one of the bathrooms (the smaller one) first. We figured we could work on the second (larger) bathroom once we are moved in.

IMG_1877     0108151631a

Chris got to use his new sawzall to cut apart the shower! He had to cut it into several smaller pieces to get it out of the house. (Note the concrete wall is the firewall between ours and the neighboring unit.) Our plan is to install a new tub and use shower tile all the way up to the ceiling, in addition to installing a new vanity, toilet and tile flooring.


Painting: While Chris is doing most of the work for the remodel (I get the fun job of documenting it all), I was able to contribute my painting skills in the back bedroom (with my friend Lucille’s help!). We are painting both bedrooms a light blue color (my favorite) and painting the living room and hallway a beige/light brown color. We are also painting all of the trim an eggshell white. Everything was so dark in there (carpet, trim, doors, etc.) it will be nice to brighten it up!


Up next: Removing the wall between the hallway and kitchen and installing the new kitchen cabinets.


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