Off-Season in Jackson Hole marked with Low Inventory and Bold List Prices


If you are an active buyer in the Jackson Hole real estate market (or just simply someone who likes to stay on top of the market) you’ve surely noticed the lack of new inventory that has hit market in the last few months. Since October 1, only 45 new listings have come onto the market. Eleven of these properties have already sold or are currently under contract. This is hardly enough new inventory to make up for our very busy selling season this summer (July-Sept), which saw 143 transactions and $175 million in reported sales volume. As a result of a robust summer selling season (and low inventory levels) Sellers appear to be testing the market with more aggressive list prices. In particular, properties in the The Aspens, the Town of Jackson and Teton Shadows neighborhoods have seen some of the largest changes in available inventory and in some cases, listing prices. Has the market really increased that much and that quickly? Time will tell, as buyers decide if these prices truly reflect the new real estate market in Jackson Hole. One thing is for sure however, it appears to be a Seller’s market in many of the segments of the Jackson Hole Real Estate market.



  • In the past 12 months, there have been 19 sales of 1 & 2  bdrm condos in The Aspens
  • One bedroom condos have sold, on average, for $314,000 or $400/sq ft
  • Four recent new listings of one bedroom condos range from $355,000-$389,000
  • Two bedroom condos have sold, on average for $450,000 or $424/sq ft
  • Two new listings of two bedroom condos are priced at $415,000 and $715,000

While not every condo unit is the same in The Aspens (some have an added loft, some have 2 bathrooms vs. 1 bathroom and some are end units or unique floor plans), the general trend shows an increase in pricing in one bedroom units in particular. The overall change in the two bedroom condo market is a bit more difficult to determine right now as one of the units is a very unique unit with a carport and ability to add a 3rd bedroom (pictured above) and the other unit appears to be listed by motivated sellers. 

TOWNHOMES IN TOWN (with a garage, priced under $550,000)


  • In the past 12 months, there have been 29 sales of townhomes in the Town of Jackson with a garage priced under $550,000
  • These townhomes have sold, on average, for $438,000 or $351/sq ft
  • Currently there is one townhome under contract in the Town of Jackson (priced under $550,000)
  • There are NO townhomes available for sale in the Town of Jackson, with a garage, priced under $550,000

This segment of the market has, in my opinion, seen the most drastic change in available (and affordable) inventory levels. After a year that saw almost 2.5 Town townhome sales per month, to not have a single available option in this price range at the end of the year is extreme. 



  • In the past year, there have been 11 condo sales in Teton Shadows (a condo development located north of Jackson near Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis)
  • These condos have sold, on average, for $493,000 or $313/sq.ft.)
  • There are currently 0 Teton Shadows condos under contract
  • There is currently only 1 Teton Shadows condo on the market listed for $495,000 or $384/sq.ft

Similar to condos in The Aspens, Teton Shadows units can be quite different ranging in size (1,288sf – 2,088sq ft), bedrooms (2-4) and overall condition (original to fully remodeled). However, on average is appears that pricing is up (with more inventory we can be more certain) and inventory is down. 

Would you sell your home in …..Teton Shadows? …..The Aspens? …..Teton Village? …..the Town of Jackson? 


As seen from the above Market Focus, inventory is extremely low, especially in these areas.

Current Property owners are in a great position to take advantage of a Seller’s market.

If you are considering selling your home, I’d love the opportunity to share what I can do for you.