Lowest Inventory in 30+ Years: Q1 Update from The Jackson Hole Report

While the number of sales and dollar volume in the first quarter of 2017 were up compared to this time last year, Spring 2017 marks the lowest level of available inventory in the past 30+ years with only 312 total residential listings available for sale in Teton County. Three main factors contribute to this drastic decrease in supply: 1) Lack of affordable inventory in the entry level – the median condo sales price is now $689,000 (vs. $427,000 in 2007); 2) Limited “trading up” by local homeowners as many people are afraid of overextending themselves and/or can’t find a suitable property to purchase; 3) A strong rental market that provides profitable cash flow to existing investor owners thereby making it less appealing to sell. The Jackson Hole Report, a quarterly market report prepared by my colleague David Viehman at RE/MAX Obsidian Real Estate, provides insights into the local real estate market. Click HERE to read the full Q1 2017 Market Report. A summary of statistics/trends follows:


  • Total number of Sale Transactions in Q1 2017 was leveling off, up 6% vs. Q1 2016.
  • Overall dollar volume was up 21% vs last year (*thanks to the $50+ million sale of Four Springs Ranch in January 2017).
  • In the first quarter of 2017, 16 properties sold for over $3 million, however 29 properties in this price range were under contract and should sell in the second quarter.  
  • Property sales under $1 million represented 52% of all sales in Q1 2017, however there were only 11 single family homes available for sale at the end of the first quarter.  Compare this to 2016, where 113 homes sold in this price range. 
  • There are currently 61 properties on the market in the $5 million+ range, which is up 30% from this time last year. 
  • Current available inventory was down 9% in Q1, marking the lowest level of available overall inventory in more than 30 years! While single family home inventory was hit the hardest, single family homes priced over $5 million was up 59% in Q1 2017. 


  • Single family (SF) home sales in Q1 2017 were up 24% from Q1 last year.
  • However average and median sales price was down (35% and 15% respectively), as many properties sold in the sub $1 million price point (many with multiple offers).  
  • SF home sales over $1 million were up 8% in Q1 2017, while homes sales above $4 million spiked in the first quarter, up 27%.  
  • While overall available SF home inventory is down 10% (to a 30 year low), the median list price for available SF homes is at a staggering $4,295,000 (up 75% and a new record!). 
  • Well priced single family homes are becoming harder to come by, with ZERO homes available under $750,000 at the end of the first quarter. (Note: At the time of this summary, there are four homes available in this price range.)

IMG_0944Click HERE to view the 18 single family home listings priced under $1,000,000


  • Overall condo sales are down 21%, with only 31 sales reported in the first quarter of 2017, however average and median sale prices are up 38% and 18% respectively.
  • Due to the lack of affordable condo listings, the average list price for a condo/townhome in Q1 2017 was $1.51 million (up 21% and a new record). 
  • Condo sales under $500,000 decreased 50% compared to this time last year, as fewer and fewer properties are available in this price range. Currently there are only 9 condos available for sale under $500,000.
  • Overall available inventory is down 21%, marking the second lowest level of condo inventory in the last 10 years, much of which can be attributed to the lack of locals trading up to single family homes. 

HillsideCondoClick HERE to see the 9 condos/townhomes available under $500,000


  • Lot sales reversed course and were up 64%, with 23 sales in Q1 2017.
  • Meanwhile, average and median sale prices were down 37% and 15% respectively.
  • Lot sales under $1 million were up 157% in the first quarter. (Currently there are 53 lots available in this price range.)
  • HOT SPOT: The Westbank saw 48% of lot sales in the first part of 2017. 
  • 61% of lot sales were purchased with cash (i.e. no loan/financing) in the first quarter.
  • While available inventory for lots are down 6% from Q1 2016, average and median list prices are unchanged, indicating that listing prices for residential vacant land may have stabilized.  

Click HERE to see the 11 lots available under $500,000


BUYERS: Given the low levels of available inventory, especially in the entry level market, well priced and well maintained properties will continue to sell quickly. Please connect with me so that I can alert you about soon-to-be-listed properties in your price range. You can also search Jackson Hole properties on my website or sign up for automatic listing updates. As a Buyer, it’s very important to be prepared to act quickly. Get pre-qualified with a local bank (contact me for a list of local lenders) in order to be ready to make an offer on a competitive property.

SELLERS: As a Seller, the best strategy is to price your property competitively (based on the most recent comparable sales) and market it effectively, as well priced properties can receive multiple offers. If you are interested in a learning what your property could sell for in this market, please complete the Home Valuation Request Form for a free, in-depth, data-driven market analysis.