Single family home sales dominate in December in Jackson Hole Real Estate Market

The Colbert Real Estate Report

Monthly Market Update for January 2015 & Year End 2014

Jackson Hole, WY

What Sold in Dec 2014? 

  • 62% :: Percentage of single family home sales (up significantly from last month’s 40%)
  • 18% :: Percentage of condo/townhome sales (the lowest % of 2014)
  • 20% :: Percentage of Land Sales (right around average for the year)
  • 1 :: Number of distressed property sales (One bank sale in Dec)
  • 35% :: Percentage of residential properties selling for over $1 million (back up after several low months)
  • 65% :: Percentage of residential properties selling for under $1 million (down from last month’s high of 77%)
  • 32% :: Percentage of residential properties selling for under $500,000 (down slightly from last month)

What it means: Single family home sales dominated the month of December, representing 62% of all sales, tied for the highest monthly percentage this year. Conversely, condo and townhome sales were slim – there were only 6 sales in this segment, representing only 18% of all sales, by far the lowest percentage of the year (see chart below). Land sales in December were about average for the year, representing 20% of all sales (average for 2014 was 19%).  There was one bank sales in December, a 20 acre tract of land up Horse Creek that sold after 2,189 days on the market!  Currently there are zero distressed properties on the market. The percentage of properties selling for over $1 million picked up after several months of decline. In December, 32% of the property sales were for $500,000 or under, in line with the 2014 average of 34%.





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